Extractive dust measuring systems ready for China

20. January 2017

Environmental Measurement Technology from SICK Certified for China

The China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI) has certified SICK products such as the extractive dust measuring systems of the FWE200 product family according to the Chinese requirements. CAEPI audits and certifies the quality standards of manufacturers and the product quality.


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In situ measuring with FWE200DH

Global warming and the emergence of the greenhouse effect make it necessary to act. Around the world, industries and regions that impact emissions are being prompted to reduce their generation of hazardous substances and environmental pollution. Here the focus is particularly on areas with intensive energy consumption and major urban industrial Centers.

In many countries there is a legislative basis for a sustainable, environmentally compatible reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as laws and regulations relating to the emission of pollutants. Targeted minimization of emissions requires them to be reliably determined and analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. Thanks to decades of experience, SICK is the only manufacturer worldwide in this area with a complete portfolio for emission measurement technology.

“The CAEPI certification facilitates our entry into the fast-growing Chinese market, and therefore, it has been very important for us to obtain it,” says Kai Klinder, Head of Dust Analyzers at SICK Engineering GmbH. “The audit in Dresden has been an extraordinary success. We have received 23 times the best mark “A” and once the mark “B” – a top result according to the auditors! We have been expressly praised for our very good organization and our employees’ high level of expertise.”


Extractive dust measuring system for wet gases


Extractive dust measuring system for wet gases FWE200 product family are designed to measure dust concentrations in wet flue gas. The gas is extracted via a sampling probe and heated above dew point. Droplets in the gas are vaporized, making it impossible for them to falsify the measurement results. The scattered light principle enables even very low dust concentrations to be measured. These measuring systems are used for monitoring of wet scrubber facilities, measurements in saturated gas downstream of desulfurization plants, and determination of dust concentrations in wet exhaust air.



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