28. February 2014

Elevators: Orona relies on encoder technology from SICK

Everyone knows that unpleasant feeling that comes over you when an elevator jerks as it slows down and comes to a halt with a low rumble. State-of-the-art elevators offer maximum ride comfort: almost silent operation and acceleration as well as smooth, jerk-free deceleration. The encoder, which supplies the drive with feedback signals from the motors, plays a key role in this.

Orona elevator shaft

The Orona Group with headquarters in Spain is a leading provider of “Mobility Solutions”. In Europe, one out of ten new elevators are Orona and 250,000 elevators all over the world use Orona technology everyday.


Orona elevators excel with maximum comfort. This is also attributable to the SICK encoders, which allow for jerk-free acceleration and deceleration. However, this feature is not only indispensible for comfort, but also for a vast array of other aspects that make for top-notch elevators. It reduces the noise emission of elevators in office and residential buildings. Sudden load and force peaks acting on the mechanical system and the motor are limited. This, in turn, increases the service life of all components, and ensures maximum reliability and availability, low maintenance and maximum cost-effectiveness.


When Orona introduced gearless motors for their elevators, the company chose absolute encoders with the HIPERFACE® interface from SICK’s SRS/SRM50 line. As motor feedback systems, encoders provide the drive with the values required to control positioning, acceleration and deceleration.


SRS/SRM50  encoders

SRS/SRM50 encoders

With their high resolution of 32,768 steps per revolution, the SRS/SRM50 encoders enable high-precision positioning of the elevator car and maximum reproducibility. In addition, the encoders support the complex, non-linear S ramps for acceleration and deceleration in an optimum way. Fast data transfer is ensured by the HIPERFACE® interface, which was developed by SICK and has evolved into an industry standard.


This high-performance encoder meets all of Orona’s requirements, and not just in terms of the technical specifications. Together with the Orona R&D department, the engineering experts of SICK Spain developed a new solution for the mechanical adaptation of the encoder to provide added value. This solution makes the system even more cost-effective.


More applications with encoders from SICK:




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