Magnetic cylinder sensors

7. November 2012

Drop-in, install, done: new MZC1 and RZC1 magnetic cylinder sensor for C-slot cylinders

The new MZC1 magnetic cylinder sensor from SICK is ideal for every C-slot. Thanks to its high robustness, firm hold, and powerful electronics, the sensor provides the highest level of switching accuracy in cylinders, linear slides and grippers – even under harsh conditions.

To cope with these conditions, the MZC1 is all you need. The extremely rugged VISTALTM housing material is mechanically robust, rigid, and resistant to a variety of chemicals. Available in versions with IP 67, IP 68, and IP 69 enclosure rating, the MZC1 meets the requirements of a variety of applications. The patented mounting ensures a perfect fit of the MZC1 in the slot: A captive screw is tightened by a quarter-turn using a slotted screwdriver or an Allen wrench, thereby fixing the sensor in the slot and protecting it against shock and vibration.

MZC1 magnetic cylinder sensor for C-slot cylinders

The combination of patented GMR technology and the ASIC element used by SICK ensures that the piston position is clearly recognized, even when cylinders have “critical” magnets. This prevents unwanted multiple switching. The drop-in installation allows a quick and convenient replacement and enhancement of sensors already installed on the cylinder as a removal of the end caps is not required. The design of the MZC1 cylinder sensor allows an easy insertion from above into any C-slot currently available as well as a subsequently safe locking – regardless of the cylinder variants available on the market and their mechanical tolerances.

MZC1 magnetic cylinder sensor for C-slot cylinders

Best option for short-stroke cylinders

Due to its short sensor housing, the MZC1 is most suitable for short stroke cylinders in particular: The ASIC element used by SICK enables accurate sensitivity settings to be made; in fact, these are five times more precise than the settings in conventional cylinder sensors. The corresponding minimal tolerances for responsiveness ensure high-precision magnetic piston detection with the MZC1 magnetic cylinder sensor. As a result, the switching points are highly accurate.

RZC1: the Reed alternative

The RZC1 magnetic cylinder sensor is ideal for anyone who would like to benefit from the advantages of the MZC1 for piston position detection in pneumatic cylinders, but at the same time prefers Reed switch contacts. The Reed version RZC1 is available with 2-wire or 3-wire options. In terms of supply voltage, you can choose either the standard variant or variants with up to 120 volts


RZC1 magnetic cylinder sensor

RZC1 magnetic cylinder sensor

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