From product combination to easy configuration

4. February 2016

detec4 Prime: new Tutorial Videos available

Now with the new deTec4 Core and deTec2 Core safety light curtains, the protection of hazardous points and access points is easier than ever. The newest member of the deTec4 Prime family adds additional features and functionality. Four new tutorial Videos for the deTec4 Prime are now available. 




New tutorial Videos are now available on the following subjects:


1. Tutorial deTec4 Prime (Part 1/4): How to select the right product combination

2. Tutorial deTec4 Prime (Part 2/4): Initial startup of the safety light curtain system

3. Tutorial deTec4 Prime (Part 3/4): Configuration

4. Tutorial deTec4 Prime (Part 4/4): Benefits of the system’s modularity




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