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6. December 2013

CQ4: object recognition and fill level monitoring in miniature housing that is barely the size of a sugar cube

Following its success with the photoelectric sensors from the W4 product family and the UC4 ultrasonic sensors, SICK has now packaged the capacitive operating principle in a rugged miniature housing that is barely the size of a sugar cube. The result is the CQ4: a 100 Hz, space-saving, reliable and user friendly sensor for the safe detection of a wide range of objects and materials.


While the sensor is incredibly small, it’s also extremely easy to operate. Sensitivity is configured by potentiometer. Displays for operating voltage, switching output and short-circuits provide clear visuals on the operational status at all times. The rugged, IP67-rated fiberglass housing with metal mounting brackets has proven itself in numerous industry applications. It makes space-saving assembly solutions possible while also allowing design engineers to use a specific ideal detection principle for identical hole and connection patterns.


The accessories concept, which includes mounting brackets for floor or wall mounting and a ball-joint bracket, is also identical. For the frequently encountered case of cable-tie mounting, e.g. on a plastic tube or a tote wall, the CQ4 features a guide groove that gives the sensor secure support.


Another highlight is the fact that the CQ4 can also be installed flush in all materials thanks to a special internal shield!


CQ4 capacitive proximity sensor

Its combination of different switching outputs and connection models offers design engineers the possibility to choose their ideal CQ4 from about a dozen different versions.

At home in a wide range of applications

The CQ4 can be used to perform an extremely wide range of tasks. It has a space-saving, user-friendly and reliable design. These tasks include the detection of light-absorbing wafers in electronics and solar manufacturing, as well as object detection in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging.


As a capacitive sensor, the CQ4 can perform detection through non-metallic surfaces. It is thus also excellently suited for checking the level of tanks in printing machines or containers and monitoring feed lines for rubber and plastic granules.


CQ4 capacitive proximity sensor

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