29. May 2015

Company employees park comfortably

A company that builds a parking lot for its employees has different requirements for it than a public parking lot. The basic requirement in such cases is it can be used safely and comfortably by authorized persons. When you have more than 1100 parking spaces, short entry and exit times are a major factor. Siemens and Magnetic Autocontrol use SICK sensors to meet these requirements.





If unauthorized persons could enter a company parking lot, it would quickly fill up. This would especially be the case if the company parking lot were located in the middle of a city. As a result, users must provide proof that they are authorized to use the facilities. However, doing so must be quick to ensure that the entry of cars into the parking lot keeps flowing even during rush hours.

Safety for humans and vehicles

Magnetic Autocontrol is installing MHTMTM MicroDrive vehicle barriers in parking lots to ensure the safety of humans and vehicles. To prevent the barrier from closing when a vehicle or person is underneath it, Magnetic Autocontrol installs the SICK L27 single-beam photoelectric safety switch.




It detects when a vehicle has driven through the barrier and the space under the barrier is unoccupied. The barrier can then close again. The L27 is not sensitive to heat, cold, or humidity, which makes it particularly well suited for use in the parking lot.



Heiko Lais, product manager, Magnetic Autocontrol

Heiko Lais, product manager at Magnetic Autocontrol had the following to say about the single-beam photoelectric safety switch: “A safe photoelectric sensor for a safe barrier – that was our credo while searching for an expansion to our range of accessories for the MHTM™ MicroDrive vehicle barrier generation.

The L27 from SICK fits perfectly into our range with its compact dimensions, exceptional quality features and a good price-performance ratio. Our customers expect our products to be top quality and highly reliable – the L27 contributes to this as an additional safety device.”

Entry and exit made easy


In this case, a LMS511 2D laser scanner from SICK monitors the excess height of vehicles before they enter. The LMS511 is perfectly suited to detecting even smaller objects. If the vehicle is too tall, the driver is informed by a corresponding signal.



SICK RFU63x RFID wide range reading devices are used for the integration into the access control system used. These devices read the transponders that each employee has attached to their windshield and control the accesses at the access barriers depending on the authorization. This means that only authorized vehicles may enter.

When the frequency of vehicles arriving is high, the access control system opens a second entrance barrier and, equally, when the departure frequency is high, it opens a second exit barrier. This helps to ensure the optimum flow of vehicles arriving for and departing from shifts.



TiM36x and LMS11x 2D laser scanners are used at the exit. When a vehicle drives up to the barrier, the laser scanner triggers the opening of the barrier. Using laser scanners means that construction work on the floor that would be necessary to install induction loops is not required.



Walter Hager, responsible for integrated security solutions at Siemens

The barrier only closes when the L27 has detected that the vehicle has driven through and therefore left the barrier area. Walter Hager from Siemens said the following about the project progress: “The high level of integration of the three listed security systems with one another and in connection with the laser scanners requires a deep understanding of the specific customer processes as well as knowledge of the sensor functions and their application possibility. In cooperation with SICK, the parameters necessary for the integration have been determined, implemented by both sides into the overall system, and put into operation.”

The employees who use the parking lot are very satisfied. There are no extended waiting times while entering or exiting the parking lot.




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