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Large portfolio in tissue production


Photoelectric proximity sensors from various product families, fiber-optic sensors, inductive proximity sensors, laser sensors, and safety locking devices – SICK sensor technology plays a crucial role in Flowtos tissue machines from Winkler+Dünnebier. High detection quality, simple integration, incorporation of custom requirements, successful cooperation over many years, and close consultation with SICK right from the design phase were the main reasons why this engineering company opted to buy all the devices it needed from a single source. Continue reading

Value Added Services

More service for your order


Place an order with us and choose exactly how we deliver it to you. Do you struggle with complicated goods receipt processes, and waste time unpacking, labeling and re-labeling? Well now you do not have to! When it comes to SICK sensor technology, ordered products are grouped together, labeled, and packed in a way that enables our customers either to further process them directly, or to forward shipments on within Europe, without having to unpack them. Continue reading

trends in machine safety

The „PLUS“ in machine safety: functional safety as added value

safetyPLUS® Video abspielen

How to combine safety and productivity? What international developments are taking place in the field of machine safety and how is SICK responding to them? An interview with Dr. Georg Plasberg, Head of the “Industrial Safety Systems” division at SICK, about safety as added value: added value in terms of functional safety but also legal safeguards. Continue reading

Data based services

Web-based remote maintenance with Remote Services from SICK


The control station of a coal-fired power plant receives an alarm signal. A gas analyzer is supposed to keep harmful emissions to a minimum, although this clearly doesn’t seem possible at this very moment. The problem has to be rectified quickly – not only to avoid wasting valuable resources, but also to prevent the facility from being shut down due to official requirements. Thanks to web-based remote maintenance via Remote Services from SICK the device parameters in Brasil can be set in Germany and the facility runs. Continue reading

machine safety

Six steps to a safe machine: New edition of the Guide for Safe Machinery


The Guide for Safe Machinery from SICK is a practically orientated reference book for manufacturers, designers, system engineers and operating organizations responsible for machine safety. The new edition contains, among other topics, useful informations and support in the implementation of the new standard EN ISO 14119. This new standard contains specific requirements for selecting and using interlocking devices. Otto Görnemann, Manager Machine Safety & Regulations explains in SICKinsight what effect do the changes in this standard have for machine manufacturers. Continue reading