Vision technology for collaborative robots

Robots with a vision

UR CAP_teaser

With the increasing interaction between humans and robots in the factory, the collaborative robots (“cobots”) of Universal Robots are now working closely with the SICK Inspector PIM60, enabling more applications. Continue reading

UP56 Pure: Good protection means good measurement results

Level measurement for corrosive chemicals in solar wafer process plants


In many industries, challenging ambient conditions of all kinds are part of everyday production. The systems and sensors that are responsible for keeping the production process safe have to be specially protected against severe contamination or aggressive chemicals. For instance, chemicals are an unavoidable part of solar cell production, where they are central to core processes such as solar wafer surface finishing and cleaning. The levels in the chemical tanks have to be constantly monitored by sensors. The Teflon®-coated UP56 Pure ultrasonic level sensors deliver precise results on a non-stop basis.   Continue reading

The new era of contrast sensors from SICK

KTS and KTX: more than just print mark sensors


Where most of the contrast sensors reach their limits, the KTS and KTX offer more applications, more areas of use, more flexibility. They incorporate more than just the reliability and availability of contrast sensors from the market and technology leader: TwinEye-Technology®, multifunctional display, integrated job memory and the combination of contrast and color sensor technology. Continue reading

SICK Ultrasonic gas flow meters FLOWSIC600-XT

Ultrasonic gas flow meters in a permanent series connection

Team 250x167

The promise was made, and we kept it: For the first time, SICK installed two ultrasonic gas flow meters from SICK in a permanent series connection for a German power supply company. Additionally, the gas flow meters have been installed with non-time limited period of validity of verification in accordance with the German directive TR-G 18.   Continue reading