Configurable stand-alone vision sensor for 3D inspections

TriSpector: 3D image processing, intuitive operation

Powerful technology, easy commissioning, intuitive operation: With the TriSpector1000, the benefits of 3D vision really are at your fingertips. Integrated image analysis makes configuration easy. And the TriSpector1000 literally has a mind of its own. Integrated data processing power lets it easily find, count and position objects, measure volume and object rotation, and acquire intensity data for label detection. Continue reading

Tamper evidence at Bosch Packaging Technology

Medicinal products: Bright prospects for tamper protection

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The Glare by SICK is offering “bright” prospects in the battle against falsification and tampering in the field of medicinal product packaging. The innovative glare sensor was developed in response to the aims of the “Packaging – Tamper verification features for medicinal product packaging” standard. Bosch Packaging Technology is successfully using the Glare in its CPS serialization solutions and is achieving  high  reliability in detecting transparent tamper-evident safety labels, which are applied by machine. Continue reading

Identification solutions for the tire industry

Keep tire manufacturing processes running smoothly

Drivers fit summer or winter tires to their vehicles as appropriate for the time of year. They expect suitable and safe tires that will exhibit ideal rolling, braking, and endurance characteristics at all speeds and temperatures. Tires for trucks and aircraft must also meet these requirements, as must those for many types of construction vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, and industrial vehicles. This is why the product portfolios of tire manufacturers are so wide and varied. As a consequence, they manage and work with a whole range of very different materials on a daily basis. So, given this mix of materials, how can maximum efficiency be achieved in the material flow in tire production and is it possible to combine this with an assurance of traceability without identification procedures and processes becoming overbearing and unwieldy? SICK offers identification solutions designed specifically for the tire industry which can be relied upon to keep the complex tire manufacturing process running smoothly. Continue reading

Automotive industry

Intelligent RFID technology closes gaps in the supply chain

The automotive industry takes advantage of tailor-made solutions for the automated identification of objects in virtually every process in the production and supply chain. RFID (radio-frequency identification) has been used successfully for many years in practical applications to optimize the efficiency of processes in production. These positive experiences serve to recommend RFID technology for other applications within the overall process both upstream and downstream of production itself. There are probably other possible applications for intelligent RFID systems such as those supplied by SICK in inbound logistics between supplier and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) as well as in downstream distribution processes. RFID technology can close gaps in the supply chain. Continue reading