PSDI function in presses

The simple, safe way to increase productivity


Thanks to the PSDI (Presence Sensing Device Initiation) function in the Flexi Soft safety controller, it is possible to control the press cycle in manual insertion presses using a type 4 safety light curtain in PSDI mode. As soon as the worker removes his or her hand from the hazardous point, the press automatically restarts. Not only does this remove the need for two-hand control devices, it also offers clear benefits when it comes to providing workers with ergonomic, safe workstations – and ensures that more of the machine capacity is utilized. Continue reading

High degree of Automation vs. flexible production workflows



One of the major issues associated with Industry 4.0 is making workflows flexible and that includes closer interaction between humans and machines. Part of this current move toward more integrated working is a need for humans and machines to work together safely, and in view of this, functional safety will take today’s production systems one step closer to more flexibility. Human/robot collaboration (HRC) looks at how this can be achieved. Continue reading




Nowadays, machine and plant operators are faced with a challenging task: creating flexible production workflows with a high Level of automation while at the same time ensuring that people, machines, and plants stay protected. As one of the technology and market leaders in industrial safety technology, SICK is a one-stop shop providing a comprehensive range of safety solutions. Its safe motion monitoring system, Safe Motion Control, includes innovative safety concepts that have been developed for safe Monitoring of drives and machine motions. This makes it possible to increase the availability and efficiency of machines while offering a high degree of safety. Continue reading

Residual stack monitoring with Safeguard Detector

Carton magazine: Making rigid housings a thing of the past


Requirements for protecting machinery have changed more and more with the increasing use of automation. In the past, protective devices in the work process were something of a nuisance; for this reason, they were often not used at all. Innovative technology has enabled protective devices to be integrated into the work process. As a result, they are no longer an obstacle for the operator and even help productivity in many cases. Reliable protective devices that are integrated into the workplace have thus become indispensable nowadays. They are a useful tool in achieving the goal of continuous production, which in turn improves system efficiency. Continue reading

Safety Solutions: Keeping automated guided vehicles and systems safely on the move

Heading towards the future


In many industries, automated guided vehicles and vehicle systems are making production and logistics processes more flexible. When these vehicles have to be controlled with greater efficiency and precision SICK has exactly the right sensor solutions – however complex they might be. They also meet every requirement when it comes to providing protection in line with standards, protect people against accidents, and help prevent collisions – which in turn keep goods and equipment protected.   Continue reading