The perfect combination of flexibility, simplicity and total security


Close collaboration between Heidemann Sicherheitselektronik and SICK has resulted in a new stroke of genius – the HS Nomade. A mobile system that can be quickly taken apart and put back together again, the HS Nomade can be used to monitor outdoor spaces, facades and buildings, as well as to protect material assets. And SICK’s LMS5xx 2D laser scanner with weather hood is one important component. Continue reading


2D laser scanners can detect anything


Parcel service General Logistics Systems, B.V. (GLS) is looking for an even more effective way of protecting its loaded swap trailers than its previous solution, and the search is now over thanks to the LMS531Pro 2D laser scanners from SICK. Continue reading


Security on the highest level


Comtrol Corporation, a long-standing business partner with SICK, has a number of applications for the LMS series and LD-LRS 2D laser scanners from SICK. Over the past 5 years, Comtrol has worked with integration partners to get the LMS certified to be used as an intrusion detection sensor for protecting nuclear power plants in North America. They also use the LMS for creating an IR barrier around newly built restaurants within the concourses at major airports in the USA. Continue reading

Zurich airport modernizes its luggage identification systems

Successful take-off for the latest ALIS generation

More than ten years of positive experiences with the first generation, innovative and future-proof reading technology, as well as outstanding service support – these were the decisive factors that persuaded Flughafen Zürich AG to stick with the ALIS track and trace system from SICK when modernizing their luggage reading gates.   Continue reading

Inspection of underground sewage systems

In the footsteps of the “Third Man”: 2D laser scanners go underground

Chasing the bad guy through Vienna’s sewer system in the famous 1949 movie “The Third Man” may have been a good plot then; today’s municipalities face a more subtle threat: the deterioration of aging sewage systems. The Canadian enterprise AquaCoustic Inc. uses SICK’s LMS111 outdoor 2D laser scanners to check sewers for damage and to map infrastructures built long before the digital age. Continue reading