Seamless transparency in case of a product recall

Safe Food Chain: only possible with reliable track and trace solutions


Track and trace, as well as food safety, are all about ensuring transparency with respect to the food’s origin and its path through the entire supply chain – and back! Whether it involves processing, filling, or packaging, every process step requires its data to be gathered using a reliable method. This is particularly important in the hygienic conditions which come as standard in the food industry. Continue reading

IVC-3D takes care of positioning and quality assurance

Precise control of a picking robot


Packing foodstuffs, regardless of whether they are raw and fresh or in their final, packaged form, involves a high degree of automation nowadays. To broaden the scope of opportunities in picking applications, global robot manufacturer ABB and SICK have developed a solution that adds one more dimension to the control of picking robots, resulting in fewer goods damaged in the process. The solution is based on SICK 3D vision and ABB robot technologies. Continue reading




The GM901 gas analyzer monitors carbon monoxide during the roasting process, thus preventing potential explosions which could be caused by high concentrations of gas in the roaster. And thanks to laser technology, it is possible to measure oxygen quickly and accurately on the packaging machine itself – the proof is in the pudding, or the coffee in this case. Continue reading

RFID technology

Automated tomato harvesting at KAGOME


Most of us enjoy the great taste of nutritious tomatoes – as pure and fresh crops, tomato sauce, or with pasta. Around 20 million Australians eat 22 kg of processed tomatoes per head annually. Founded in 1899, the Japanese tomato processor KAGOME boasts more than 100 years’ experience in the tomato growing and processing industry. Since 2010, KAGOME Australia’s factory based in Echuca has been cultivating and processing tomatoes, by providing high-quality tomato products to food companies in Australia and other countries. RFID technology from SICK allows KAGOME to ensure product traceability and leads to increasing efficiency in the production process. Continue reading

Customized solution for MULTIVAC

Clean and safe: the real packaging challenge


The L29 single-beam photoelectric safety switch, developed especially for the packaging manufacturer MULTIVAC, stops dangerous movements safely if someone reaches into the forming station in a thermoforming packaging machine. Together with MULTIVAC, SICK has also developed custom solutions such as inductive proximity sensors, fork sensors, photoelectric retro-reflective sensors for transparent objects, encoders, and much more for packaging machines used in the food industry. Continue reading