Dx1000 long range distance sensor from SICK

Great performance at great distance

The new Dx1000 long range distance sensor from SICK features extreme versatility in any application and enables distance measurements with high measurement reliability, even in the presence of ambient light, rain, snow, and fog. With its infrared measurement laser, it is perfect for use on cranes, detecting vehicles in traffic applications, and measuring hot steel slabs in a steel mill. It excels at object tracking and quickly detecting the edges of objects moved in from the side. With measurement cycle times of down to one millisecond, Dx1000 is ideal for use in control loops.   Continue reading

Lector code analytics detects poor print quality in good time

Preventing the effects of process errors

Reading codes on packaging and secondary packaging is an essential part of intralogistics and distribution processes. If a code is hard or even impossible to read, this will result in disruptions to the production process or downtime in sub-processes in the supply chain. To stop process errors causing poor print quality in the codes, SICK offers customers an intelligent solution: Thanks to the Lector Code Analytics function, process errors can be detected in good time so that their negative effects can be prevented in advance. Continue reading

Flexible design and high troughput in a single system

Marriage of Transponder

An increasing number of digital solutions are also being used in the fashion and clothing industries. The opportunities range from labeling products and presentations in stores all the way through to interaction with the online shop. As announced as part of its current reorientation strategy (known as “FIT- 4GROWTH”), the GERRY WEBER group will be placing more focus on the issue of digitalization in future and making the most of the potential in omni-channel retail. Continue reading

Individual programming solutions for sensors

Space for ideas, room for the future – SICK AppSpace developers come together

With the increasing complexity of sensor-based solutions, their individual programming is becoming more and more important. The open programming platform SICK AppSpace takes this development into account: It offers system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the freedom and space to develop application solutions to fit the specific requirements of application descriptions. Continue reading