Vision technology for collaborative robots

Robots with a vision

With the increasing interaction between humans and robots in the factory, the collaborative robots (“cobots”) of Universal Robots are now working closely with the SICK Inspector PIM60, enabling more applications. Continue reading

SICK sensor solutions: Making sure the contents actually match the label

The perfect way to monitor labels for vegetable oils and fats

Every amateur cook knows that you have to use the right oil and fat for optimum results. As well as having basic cooking skills, the cook needs to know that an oil bottle or packet of cooking fat actually contains what it says on the label. Florin, a company based in Muttenz, provides certainty in this regard thanks to vision sensors, photoelectric sensors and bar code readers from SICK.   Continue reading

Sensor technology for electric arc furnaces

Who analyzes wins

SICK supplies sensor solutions for almost every possible application in the metal and steel sector, even in the world of analytical measuring. The company’s latest innovation is METPAX300, a customized analyzer system which measures exhaust gas emissions from electric arc furnaces.   Continue reading

3d Vision Technology for Driver Assistance at Ports

Keeping an Eye on everything around the Reach Stacker

Video abspielen

No matter what the weather, you will find countless reach stackers in use at every port. The rugged Visionary-B CV 3D vision sensor with snapshot technology by SICK supports reach stacker operators with their frequent maneuvering and reversing operations. To help with this, the sensor detects relevant objects in the vehicle’s environment and generates live images that appear on the monitor. At the same time, the sensor uses visual and acoustic signals to warn the driver of possible collisions in critical driving situations. A plug and play solution, the Visionary-B CV is a breeze to configure and operate, and is ready for use in a matter of moments.   Continue reading