Thinking ahead intelligently

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automated guided vehicle systems (AGVSs) play a major role in increasing the flexibility of production and logistics processes. Used individually or in groups, these mobile helpers are the technical pioneers of cyber-physical production systems in the Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory framework – with the AGVs driving and working autonomously and AGVSs serving as self-organizing and self-optimizing units.   Continue reading

Fit for mobile automation – encoders from SICK


Wanna bet that … you can use an excavator shovel to place the tone arm of a record player precisely between two songs on a record, or hang up six socks with two excavators in the space of four minutes? Yes, you can. Several candidates on the German TV show “Wetten, dass..?” (“Wanna bet?”) won their bets thanks to their skills with an excavator. But what these clever contestants tried out for fun – namely operating a commercial vehicle with high precision – is now an established automated process in agriculture and forestry, road construction, mining, etc.   Continue reading

The IMB inductive proximity sensor defies all obstacles

Master of extremes

Agricultural machines are exposed to extreme situations which require a high degree of ruggedness to withstand. Only the tough – and the giving – prevail. IMB inductive proximity sensors make a major contribution to this. With a rugged stainless-steel housing, special seals, the latest ASIC technology from SICK, and the wide temperature range unique to the market, they ensure process stability, even under very difficult conditions – and cover a wide variety of applications while doing so.   Continue reading

3D snapshot – two-eyes principle for effective use outdoors

Focusing on the blind spot: active collision awareness systems for mobile machines

With mobile machines, accidents often occur when maneuvering and backing up on construction sites, in surface and underground mining, and in agriculture and forestry, as well as with special and municipal vehicles. The Visionary-B CV 3D vision sensor is suitable for outdoor use and is designed to monitor the areas next to and behind mobile machines that are invisible to the driver. It is an active driver assistance system which reliably identifies people and objects in the driver’s blind spot and issues collision warnings. Continue reading