energy company Mark-E relies on CEMS solutions from SICK

Recording, analysis, transmission: Emission data management with MEAC

Public bodies ask for full and accurate reports: has the company in question adhered to the limits for environmental emissions at fossil fuel power plants, hazardous waste  incineration plants, and biomass-based power plants? Simple-to-use data acquisition systems that are not susceptible to faults or failures are therefore crucial for companies operating this type of facility. The MEAC data acquisition system by SICK is reliable and popular with customers, providing them with a solution for the continuous recording, analysis and transmission of emission data. Expert service included.     Continue reading

The sooner, the better: measuring mercury in raw gas

Stricter limits for mercury emissions?

The thresholds for mercury emissions are already as low as the μg spectrum. To be able to monitor even tighter restrictions, measuring devices need to be extremely sensitive, accurate, and reliable. The MERCEM300Z mercury measuring system monitors Hg emissions in flue gases with high reliability within the smallest measuring ranges. Continue reading

What can we do with all the green energy?

Power-to-gas storage technology: Almost ready for market

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Storing green power is a key milestone when it comes to the successful implementation of the energy transition. Converting it into hydrogen or synthetic natural gas is a concept that shows a great deal of promise and involves the stages of water electrolysis, methanation, and feeding the power into the natural gas grid. SICK’s involvement relates to gas analysis and the detection of gas flows and consumption rates. Continue reading

Wind power plants and solar parks

How we can exploit renewable energy as effectively as possible?


Wind power plants and solar parks are now an integral part of a sustainable energy management strategy. The wind and the sun are reliable sources of energy. Sensors from SICK play a role in ensuring that wind power plants and solar parks work efficiently – also under very challenging climatic conditions. Continue reading