Using RTO system technology to clean process exhaust air

airprotech gives the green light to oxygen measurement with the TRANSIC151LP

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Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) systems use combustion to remove harmful gas components from exhaust air, the majority of these being pollutants resulting from corrosive components in chemical processes. It is also particularly important that hazardous air in landfill sites and solvent-containing emissions in paint shops are treated. Regardless of the location or the substance being treated, environmental regulations are one of many challenges to be faced. SICK’s oxygen transmitter triumphs over paramagnetic measuring in airprotech’s RTO systems, with the arguments in favor of the TRANSIC151LP speaking for themselves. Continue reading

Anaysis measurement technology

Safe technology for measuring the concentration of hydrocarbons

You need a measurement expert if you want to take safe and accurate measurements of the concentration of hydrocarbons during production processes. The flame ionization detector has proved to be a successful solution in analysis measurement technology. SICK’s FID devices measure the total quantity of hydrocarbons when monitoring emissions or play a direct role in the process by acting as a gas warning device. SICK is currently the only manufacturer that meets the requirements set out in EN 50271 for measuring the lower explosive limit in air that contains solvents. This is a very important point as companies are required to adhere to legal requirements for explosion prevention and occupational safety at all times. And not forgetting environmental requirements, too. Continue reading

Checking process measurement technology

New laboratory improves testing conditions

When it comes to process monitoring, customers from the machine tool, automotive, food and beverage, or the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, for example, expect level sensors to measure reliably and precisely. SICK products not only work with a wide range of media, but also record the respective measurand as universally and independently of environmental conditions as possible. But how are process measurement technology solutions themselves actually checked before they are used by the users? Continue reading

Seven questions for finding the right measuring device

Measuring dust emissions – can this also be done easily?


Measuring dust emissions is easy – if one has the right measuring equipment. When it comes to choosing the right measuring device, one has to look at both the properties of the medium to be measured and the environmental conditions. This is where SICK’s strengths really come into their own – tried-and-tested measurement principles applied in a diverse portfolio of products and combined with decades of experience in thousands of different installations. It is not simply a question of complying with legal requirements. But which measurement technology is best? Which device version is most suited to the task at hand? Continue reading

Safety services with a global process standard

Verified Safety – Safe processes help to guarantee good quality

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How is the safety of machines and systems guaranteed? By using devices which are specially developed to provide protection against hazards in machines and systems. However, safety devices alone will not suffice: they also have to be used correctly. And not just when it comes to their configuration or programming. Safe operation is crucial at a much earlier stage: right at the start of the project. In order to guarantee safe and seamless processes, we need reliable sensors and systems. Even the quality assurance systems that accompany the development and implementation of safety concepts have to be reliable and transparent. Continue reading