Building security

17. April 2014

Building safety and security: Effective solutions for protecting buildings, property, and material assets

When public and industrial buildings or private houses need to be secured against intrusions, jailbreak, theft, vandalism or terrorism, structural measures or protection by security guards often has its limits. Making additional use of electric or electronic protective devices is, therefore, a sensible idea. SICK provides a  diverse range of effective solutions for protecting buildings, property, and  material assets.


building security

Sensors from SICK are suitable for stationary, transportable, and mobile applications. There are several aspects to this type of protection. So that  ecurity guards have enough time to respond to an alarm, the sensors protect buildings from unauthorized access by  intruders from outside. This starts with perimeter protection, which means vertical or horizontal monitoring of fences, walls or open spaces in  front of buildings. Sensors from SICK only record the shape of bodies rather than detailed images. The sensors will be  able to tell that somebody is present within the monitored area but not who it is.

Intruders watch out


If an intruder has managed to get past a wall or fence, then the sensors turn their attention to the open areas. if the sensors  detect  a  person, they immediately trigger an alarm so that security guards can respond. Several alarm areas can be defined for each laser detector. Even if several persons are able to infiltrate the monitored area from various points, this is  still  reliably  detected. Entrance  and access path can be excluded. So that disruptions to pedestrians or road traffic are prevented. At night, the sensors can switch to full monitoring of all areas. If a building needs to be directly monitored by sensors, then they cover the facade, roof, doors, gates, and windows. Cat burglars don’t stand a chance.

Preventing theft and/or escape

Video Kunsthistorisches Museum YouTube

Video: Art protection at Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna

If  an  intruder,  vandal  or  prisoner  tries to escape from a building, the monitoring  system  also  protects  the  building from the inside out. Laser detectors thus protect  paintings,  sculptures  or  other valuable items in buildings, without obstructing  exhibition  visitors  or  cleaning personnel. Sensors can be used to protect entire walls with an optical curtain or just individual paintings or sculptures, for example. Even vaults in banks can be protected  in  this  manner.



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