Navigation scanners

12. September 2014

Automated guidance made easy

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are used for moving materials and equipment, and operate without a driver on board. Using an automatic control system, they supply product lines and transport goods between different production areas. The Brazilian AGV specialist SINOVA opted for navigation scanners from SICK with which e.g the route of the vehicles can be changed easily and flexibly.



On the hunt for a solution that would enable precise determination of AGV positions as well as safe vehicle navigation, the company had two main criteria: easy installation. and the option to change the vehicle’s route itself if necessary.


NAV350 navigation scannerWhen it came to determining the exact position of its AGVs and ensuring that they were being navigated safely, SINOVA opted for the NAV350 navigation scanner from SICK – the device of choice for precise, highly dynamic AGV navigation in warehouse settings.


The sensor can detect natural and artificial (reflective tape) landmarks and use them to determine the absolute position of the automated guided system. The NAV350 operates according to a time-of-flight principle, with positions determined on the basis of reflectors located along the length of the AGV’s route.


Application example with NAV navigation scanner

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What’s more, changing the route using the scanner is a breeze for SINOVA, as all it has to do is reconfigure this in its in-house-developed software. The NAV350 then transmits the data quickly and precisely via Ethernet. And the sensor comes with yet more key benefits: rapid vehicle position processing, a high storage capacity for the reflector positions, and the option of transferring information about the contour of the environment to the AGV without the need for reflector-based control.


End users purchasing a vehicle equipped with the NAV350 benefit too. To change navigation routes, all they need to do is program the system as they require – other AGV technology requires construction work to achieve this result.


Thanks to its extensive scanning range of 70 m, the NAV350 is the perfect choice for demanding applications involving automated guided vehicles in transport and logistics contexts.



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