Safety in explosive environments

Safety light curtains with explosion-proof enclosure


Properly safeguarding machines in explosive environments can be a difficult task. A simple spark can trigger an explosion – that’s why unprotected electrical devices, such as standard safety light curtains, are prohibited. Now, with the explosion-proof enclosure for safety light curtains, customers have more options and greater peace of mind.

Protecting |

Intelligent determination between goods and people: E. Leclerc protects palletizing systems with safety light curtains from SICK


Actemium Logistics provides automated solutions such as picking, conveying and sorting, WMS integration for companies working in logistics. As a means of securing access to a palletizing system for E. Leclerc, the company was on the hunt for a solution that would be able to distinguish between people and goods. The quest was made even more challenging by the range of complex factors that had to be considered in the decision. The solutions: C4000 Fusion safety light curtain from SICK.


Please board the train! Safety light curtains monitor streetcar doors in Zurich

Cobra Straßenbahn VBZ Zürich

For a long time, it was a critical moment to both passengers and streetcar personnel when the doors of the Cobra series of streetcars in Zurich were closing. These vehicles featured a photoelectric sensor mounted near the floor in order to signal when a person or object was present in the pivoting area of the doors. It accomplished this purpose, but was unable to recognize when a boarding passenger wanted to pull himself or herself into the car at the last minute by grabbing on to the handrails next to the doors. So, the doors would close, which in many cases gave a fright to passengers or – worse – sometimes even injured them on the arms, despite the rubber linings on the door leaves. 

Automation with robots

Safety without the need for protective fences

With the help of safety laser scanners from the microScan3 product family as well as a Flexi Soft safety controller, DESMA guarantees the safe operation of a robot on an injection molding machine. The electro-sensitive protective devices allow ergonomic access to the machine for the purposes of process-orientated material staging and removal. The robot automatically picks up the raw material provided as soon as the safety perimeter is clear and dispenses the processed silicone and rubber parts. At the same time, the safety laser scanners are especially economical on space and therefore do not impede the process.