UP56 Pure: Good protection means good measurement results

Level measurement for corrosive chemicals in solar wafer process plants


In many industries, challenging ambient conditions of all kinds are part of everyday production. The systems and sensors that are responsible for keeping the production process safe have to be specially protected against severe contamination or aggressive chemicals. For instance, chemicals are an unavoidable part of solar cell production, where they are central to core processes such as solar wafer surface finishing and cleaning. The levels in the chemical tanks have to be constantly monitored by sensors. The Teflon®-coated UP56 Pure ultrasonic level sensors deliver precise results on a non-stop basis.  

Extractive dust measuring systems ready for China

Environmental Measurement Technology from SICK Certified for China

teaser China Certification

The China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI) has certified SICK products such as the extractive dust measuring systems of the FWE200 product family according to the Chinese requirements. CAEPI audits and certifies the quality standards of manufacturers and the product quality.  

Measurement Technology that's on your side

New master plan for mercury emissions from large combustion plants


The impending updates to the BREF documents have indicated that mercury emissions from large combustion plants will soon have to be reduced dramatically. However, a reliable measurement solution is already ready and waiting with a certified measuring range from 0 to 10 μg/m³ of mercury. The MERCEM300Z by SICK.

Intelligent measurement technology at every step of the process

Measurements for added quality


A consistently high level of quality among parts and components can only be guaranteed if you regularly check results with measurements. These thorough checks are carried out using a wide array of methods, for example outside of the process by removing sample parts and conducting a mechanical check or by using measurement tools that are integrated directly into the production process. This is precisely the area where optical measuring sensors can show off their strengths.

Using RTO system technology to clean process exhaust air

airprotech gives the green light to oxygen measurement with the TRANSIC151LP


Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) systems use combustion to remove harmful gas components from exhaust air, the majority of these being pollutants resulting from corrosive components in chemical processes. It is also particularly important that hazardous air in landfill sites and solvent-containing emissions in paint shops are treated. Regardless of the location or the substance being treated, environmental regulations are one of many challenges to be faced. SICK’s oxygen transmitter triumphs over paramagnetic measuring in airprotech’s RTO systems, with the arguments in favor of the TRANSIC151LP speaking for themselves.