Laser scanner support crane operators

Prevention of collisions when loading and unloading in ports

Loading and unloading in ports is constantly fast paced, while at the same time, safety is the highest priority. Preventing collisions with ship parts by monitoring port cranes can be particularly challenging, and accidents of this kind often cost several hundred thousands of euros. APM Terminals in Zeebrugge, Belgium wanted to mitigate the risk of such occurrences.

building management

Customer service without risk of collisions: Monitoring of automatic doors by sensors at Schmolck car dealership

Autohaus Schmolck Tor- und Türabsicherung

Whether in the service check-in for passenger cars or trucks – every day, numerous automobiles pass the automatic doors at the vehicle centers of the Schmolck car dealership. Sensors from SICK make sure that the doors can be opened and closed safely and without collisions. Car dealerships, however are not the only ones that require monitoring of automatic doors – SICK also solves nearly identical tasks at shipping companies, logistics centers, car fleets, and parkades.

3D snapshot – two-eyes principle for effective use outdoors

Focusing on the blind spot: active collision awareness systems for mobile machines

With mobile machines, accidents often occur when maneuvering and backing up on construction sites, in surface and underground mining, and in agriculture and forestry, as well as with special and municipal vehicles. The Visionary-B CV 3D vision sensor is suitable for outdoor use and is designed to monitor the areas next to and behind mobile machines that are invisible to the driver. It is an active driver assistance system which reliably identifies people and objects in the driver’s blind spot and issues collision warnings.



Driver assistance systems based on 3D LiDAR sensors (also 3D laser scanners) or 3D vision sensors from SICK reliably detect blind zones around mobile machines and warn the operator of potential sources of danger or accidents in good time. Beside intelligent 3D assistance systems with the Visionary-B 3D vision sensor, the MRS1000 3D LiDAR sensor provides navigation and maneuvering support.

Caution on the apron

Accident and collision awareness with the APS driver assistance system

Multimillion-dollar damage that occurs during aircraft ground handling leads to high insurance payouts every year. As a result, ground handling services are encumbered with higher insurance premiums. In order to avoid damage, Lufthansa LEOS GmbH relies on SICK’s experience in laser scanners when tugging aircrafts and is putting the APS driver assistance system from SICK to the test for its aircraft tractor fleet.