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7. June 2013

4D cinema: In the middle of movie action with mobile box seat

Anyone who believes to be part of the action in a 3D movie is well-advised to experience 4D cinema technology. Mobile cinema seats cause gravitational and centrifugal forces, among others, to impact the audience. OLM linear measurement sensors from SICK ensure that the visual action and the action felt fit together.


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The target group for the 4D cinema technology made by the Chinese producer Shenzhen Advance Tech Ltd. is above all amusements parks that provide the spatial and investment-related conditions for the construction and operation of such action theaters. Their special feature is mobile cinema chairs. Lying rather than sitting in them, the audience watches a 3D movie projected on to the ceiling of the movie theater. The chair itself, mounted to a platform traversable on rails, can be moved in addition on the platform as well. In this way, the makers of the 4D cinema technology by Advance Tech Ltd. manage to transfer the dynamics of the action to viewers in a physically noticeable way. Plane crashes, rocket launches, pursuits by water, by land, and by air – the action does not merely hit the brain but also the gut.

4D mobile cinema seat

The 4D mobile cinema seat

OLM100 synchronizes visible with experienced action

Linear-Messsensor OLM100 Obviously, there is innovative technology behind the new cinema enjoyment – among other things, in the shape of the OLM100 linear measurement sensor. Its task is delivering information regarding the position of the mobile cinema chair on the rail system to the plant control in a timely and accurate manner. For this purpose, the OLM100 scans a bar code strip on the rails. Development engineers, product specialists, and sales engineers from SICK cooperated with Advance Tech Ltd. to harmonize the operating mode of the OLM100 with the requirements of 4D cinema technology. Even when it comes to fast movements of the cinema chair, one can always take for granted a chronologically synchronous experience of the action on the silver screen and the matching experience of accelerations, speeds, rotary motion, and vibrations.   Olm-Funktionsweise

Easy to install and resistant to vibrations

Linear-Messsensor OLM 4D-Kino In addition to the demands on precision and repeat accuracy that allowed the OLM100 to win the tests during the project-planning phase, the people at Advance Tech Ltd. paid special attention to questions of integration and ruggedness. Thus, the linear measurement sensor from SICK is convincing due to its easy installation and alignment. As opposed to other systems, the housing and electronics design of the OLM100 takes into account the alignment angle required for installation to such an extent that it is necessary to adjust the sensor only with respect to height and distance. As a camera-based system, the OLM100 manages without moving components on the inside. This makes the linear measurement sensor highly resistant to shocks and vibrations and thus fail-safe – in contrast to laser positioning sensors that do not feature this high level of ruggedness due to an integrated oscillating mirror and other moving parts. For Advance Tech Ltd. as a 4D cinema manufacturer, this means ultimate availability over an extended period of time – and therefore, neither maintenance effort nor the risk of sensor breakdown.   As a result, full 4D adventure action is guaranteed thanks to OLM100, when things become really exciting during the movie – and thus, in the mobile cinema chair…

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