4. May 2015

2D laser scanners can detect anything

Parcel service General Logistics Systems, B.V. (GLS) is looking for an even more effective way of protecting its loaded swap trailers than its previous solution, and the search is now over thanks to the LMS531Pro 2D laser scanners from SICK.



The existing systems, consisting of photoelectric sensor columns and camera surveillance, can be circumvented by thieves. GLS would like to park the relevant swap trailers away from the premises on a separate lot. The company is therefore seeking a reliable protection option, and the search is now over thanks to the LMS531Pro 2D laser scanners from SICK. In addition to the LMS scanners, GLS are also installing cameras and lighting, in order to appropriately illuminate and provide visual access to the area underneath the swap trailers.

Pilot project at GLS


A service technician from SICK is commissioning three LMS531Pro devices at a GLS test depot. Since the terrain is uneven, the technician is making fine adjustments to the sensors. The company GebäudeTechnik Neuenstein (GTN) is undertaking the installation and integration of the LMS into the existing intrusion detection system (EMA). The integration and activation of the teach-in function into the EMA is being carried out by SICK in collaboration with K. Schade from GTN. The swap trailers are moved to a different position each night. The teach-in function, which can easily be operated at the push of a button, adjusts its monitoring field to the swap trailer’s current position. Should anyone enter the monitoring field, the laser scanner alarm will be triggered.

Laser scanner in action

LMS_Grafik_V2The 2D laser scanner LMS531 is designed for use in outdoor areas. The LMS has a large scanning area and therefore a wide area coverage. The selective field evaluation ensures a high level of accuracy, while the high measuring speed reduces the rate of false alarms. The laser scanners are resistant to the effects of bad weather of all kinds, and the new 5-Echo technology from SICK guarantees exceptional reliability. The LMS is quick and easy to install thanks to its compact design, which helps to keep installation costs to a minimum.

Future requirements of GLS


Anne Putz, Head of Corporate Communications at General Logistics Systems (GLS), on GLS’ requirements: “Loss prevention is a running theme at our locations across Germany and Europe. Therefore, in the short term, we are initially equipping two of our depots with LMS laser scanners from SICK. We are also planning to use the LMS for the flexible approval of access routes to specific docks for incoming and outgoing HGVs.”


System_LMS_V2The LMS also meets requirements in terms of the trends towards horizontal monitoring of open spaces and object tracking with automatic camera tracking. With multiple monitoring fields and selective field evaluation, the laser scanner can approve access to specific docks for incoming and outgoing HGVs.


Thanks to LMS from SICK, intruders and thieves have their work cut out.


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