ETHERCAT® INTERFACE simplifies Integration of wire draw encoders

Perfect test stand precision


The Langenthal-based company Nencki AG is very meticulous when it comes to their bogie test stands. By using BTF08 HighLine wire draw encoders with an EtherCAT® interface and OD displacement measurement sensors, they can ensure that test criteria such as suspension stroke and wheel shoulder distance can be measured with absolute precision during final testing. Continue reading


Seamless traceability for pharmaceuticals


Counterfeit pharmaceuticals cause major financial losses, can pose health risks, and undermine patients’ trust. In light of this, the pharmaceuticals industry has committed itself to implementing the EU directive 2011/62/EU by 2018. The falsified medicines directive, as it is known, aims to guarantee traceability and transparency in the supply chain. The pharmaceuticals industry is therefore on the lookout for solutions that will ensure counterfeit protection for pharmaceutical products. The company i-mation GmbH, a manufacturer of industrial image processing systems based in Rottweil, Germany, can now offer them a solution that simplifies the read process for curved storage containers. The system is based on the strong performance of the Lector620 High Speed image-based code reader by SICK. Continue reading

OLV linear measurement sensor

Length and Speed: optical recording, precise controlling


Non-contact length and speed measuring for any material – not a problem for linear measurement sensors. That is because the non-contact OLV measurement system is an impressive, flexible alternative wherever slippage, vibrations, and wear cause tactile measuring wheels, measuring rollers, or tachometers to generate measurement errors and damage. Continue reading

Lid integrity inspection with the Trispector1000 3D Vision Sensor

Jam jars: vacuums a necessity


When it comes to metal closures in packaging, nothing can be left to chance: In products such as jam jars, the consumer goods industry requires seals to be tight and jars to be hermetically sealed. Anyone who makes their own jam will know that a small indentation in the lid is the key to creating the perfect vacuum. However, this small feature is difficult to identify by eye in industrial production contexts involving high numbers of parts and high speeds. Continue reading

PSDI function in presses

The simple, safe way to increase productivity


Thanks to the PSDI (Presence Sensing Device Initiation) function in the Flexi Soft safety controller, it is possible to control the press cycle in manual insertion presses using a type 4 safety light curtain in PSDI mode. As soon as the worker removes his or her hand from the hazardous point, the press automatically restarts. Not only does this remove the need for two-hand control devices, it also offers clear benefits when it comes to providing workers with ergonomic, safe workstations – and ensures that more of the machine capacity is utilized. Continue reading