3d Vision Technology for Driver Assistance at Ports

Keeping an Eye on everything around the Reach Stacker


  No matter what the weather, you will find countless reach stackers in use at every port. The rugged Visionary-B CV 3D vision sensor with snapshot technology by SICK supports reach stacker operators with their frequent maneuvering and reversing operations. To help with this, the sensor detects relevant objects in the vehicle’s environment and generates live images that appear on the monitor. At the same time, the sensor uses visual and acoustic signals to warn the driver of possible collisions in critical driving situations. A plug and play solution, the Visionary-B CV is a breeze to configure and operate, and is ready for use in a matter of moments.     Continue reading

Inspection of magnesium bricks with 3D vision technology from SICK

Quality control without downtime


Producers of building materials want to ensure that their products are of the highest quality possible, and in the production of special bricks for blast furnaces – which are particularly susceptible to surface damage – being able to carry out quality control during the production process is indispensable. A system has been developed in the Czech Republic, where bricks are scanned during transport on conveyor belts. As part of this scan, 3D vision sensors from SICK create 3D models of each individual brick. The 3D models can be used to determine the precise dimensions of the brick and the extent of its damage. Continue reading


Customized solutions for flexible production


Flexibility and productivity are major trends in the field of industrial automation. However, increasing one needn’t mean decreasing the other. There are already some initial approaches, such as flexible production cells and systems, which can help you strike the right balance. These pose new challenges for functional safety if a person interacts directly with the automated environment. To ensure that this does not lead to bottlenecks when implementing this “flexible manufacturing” solution, linking in automation and safety expertise is essential. Continue reading

LFP Inox: Reliable in the Food Industry

High demands placed on level measurement in dairies


The Gropper dairy has been a partner of customers and suppliers alike for more than 80 years. The dairy has become the specialist for brands and now supplies almost every national as well as international trading company. The milk processing is a challenge for the sensor technology. Because of this, the company relies on the level sensor LFP from SICK. Continue reading

Programming solutions for encoders: quickly adjusted, intelligently evaluated


Virtually all system operators need to operate machines efficiently even when batch sizes are small, when products and formats need to be changed frequently, or when packaging varies in terms of design and size. A key part of meeting this requirement is encoders, which can be adapted quickly and easily to the specific requirement at hand. Thanks to additional intelligent functions and the suitable communication interfaces, all relevant data for diagnostics and for monitoring the entire system is also analyzed and transmitted directly in the encoder, including visualization. Continue reading