Film presents the innovative history of SICK

70 years of innovation in 612 seconds


What lies behind SICK’s success? How did a small engineering firm near Munich become a world market leader for intelligent sensor solutions? Gisela Sick, the widow of company founder Dr. Erwin Sick, recalls the milestones in the company’s history on the occasion of its 70th anniversary in fall 2016 – from its founding in 1946 to today. Immerse yourself in 70 years of innovation at SICK.   Continue reading

All-in one quality control solution for tire production

Powerful image processing: for added quality and added efficiency


Manufacturing a tire requires over one hundred individual steps and a wide array of components – a complex process with high standards when it comes to quality and safety. Careful testing is absolutely essential as any undetected quality issues often result in complaints – which in turn result in added costs and potential damage to the tire manufacturer’s image. Thanks to powerful, industrial image processing technology in the form of IRIS-M, SICK offers companies a tailor-made system solution for designing cost-efficient quality control processes.   Continue reading

tailored safety for more flexibility

the smallest common denominator – global emergency stop


Icelandic company Marel is the world’s leading provider of advanced food processing solutions for the fish, meat, and poultry industries. These solutions are provided in the form of modern equipment, systems, and services. From individual system modules through complex processing lines and beyond to portions packaged ready for consumption by end customers, the company supports every aspect of advanced food processing. Marel requires its production lines to deliver flexibility and modularity. System operators need to be able to replace individual machine modules, integrate new modules into the overall plant, and combine modules in new ways. However, this must be achieved without having to invest huge amounts of time and money in wiring or programming in order to ensure the safe and secure networking of machine modules. Continue reading

AGVs light – ensuring safe movement in collaborative operation

Robot Butler that moves around by itself


In 2015, the young Danish company Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) introduced the German market to the MiR100, a mobile transport robot that works like clockwork. Built-in S300 safety laser scanners, 3D cameras, and ultrasound ensure that the robot stops automatically as soon as it encounters a person or a static object. Continue reading

Automated loading of machine tools

The safe solution for human-robot collaboration


In the factory of the future, humans and robots will collaborate to an increasing extent. Based on this vision, RoboJob develops innovative systems for the automated loading of machine tools. Safety laser scanners from SICK ensure maximum safety.   Continue reading